The Story of RTH

Rangoon Tea House was founded in 2014 by our group Managing Director, Htet Myet Oo. Having left at the age of four, Htet returned to Burma in 2012 looking for inspirations to open his first restaurant. Having spent his childhood summer holidays back in Rangoon (Yangon), his favourite memories were always in a tea shop. 

The noises, the smells, the conversations and most of all, the food that binded together all of these memories. The most fascinating part for him was the function of a tea house within every community. As part restaurant, part social club. Somewhere that even during a time where people didn't feel safe even to talk freely at home, people could talk about whatever they wanted. 


The History of the Tea House

The tea house in modern day Burmese society is as an institution within the country. To Htet, they form not only as a destination within every city, but also as a cultural melting pot, where Indian Biryanis meet Chinese dumplings, Malaysian style milk tea and Burmese specialities such as Mohinga and Tea Leaf Salad. 

Tea Burmese tea house is in many ways, Asia's very own food court. In a city that was built initially for Indian migrant workers during the British occupation in the late 1800s, Irani style cafes started occupying several parts of the city in the early 1900s. 

Having been home to one of the largest settlements of Iraqi Jews and Armenians in South East Asia at the time, there is no doubt that the tea shops of the time would have had an even more variety in their menus.